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SM 501
e Train the Trainer
Classroom training is under attack. “Too expensive!” “Not focused on the individual learner !” “Ineffective !” This dynamic Train-the-Trainer package is for the New Economy Trainer. It teaches them how to develop, package, and teach using the Web, virtual classrooms, and even contains some good old-fashioned platform skills.
The ultimate “How To Train” resource for high-tech, high-touch trainer.
SM 600
“The Sales Management Institute”
When Sales Managers get together, the last thing in the world they want to hear is some Ivory Tower Philosopher who tells them: "Do it like I did and you'll be great!" And when they go to a motivational seminar, they find that short-term fixes are even worse. The Sales Management Institute was developed by Top Managers who have "been there". This program gives Managers what they want . . . the ONLY thing that matters . . . INCREASED SALES !!!
An encyclopedia of Sales Management skills.
SM 610
"Advanced Coaching”

“Advanced Coaching” is designed to help you coach Sales personnel to Top Performance. Get away from Game Playing, One-Minute Quick Fixes and even Contact Management Systems [the ol’"It's Just a Numbers Game"] . . . none of these create a motivating selling climate.
You will gain the Field's respect as a "Problem-Solver .Team Builder . Coach!
SM 620
”Developing a Quality-Driven Culture”
Management talks a good game when it comes to Quality products, but it all starts with the installation of a Quality Culture. Such a Culture creates the Processes and Behaviors that foster the mindset that creates “The Best.”
A program that every Leader should attend … and absorb.
SM 630
”Creating a Motivating Selling Climate”
One of the most common mistakes that Sales Manager make is to spend their budget $$ on rah-rah programs. So-called motivation programs are great for improving the sales force’s mood – at least until they start getting objections again. This program teaches the secret of motivation –built by the Doctor of Motivation. – University of Utah’s famous Dr. Frederick Herzberg.
“Let’s get pumped!
SM 650
”Team Building”
Creating a successful Team pays coaches millions these days. In the Business world, building a top-notch Team is just as elusive. From our 30 years of working with the United States Army, we learned their inside secrets that ensure Top Performance from a Team – a key to fighting thru
the Contingencies that mark this Millennial Depression.
Work Teams – that’s the Ticket!

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