Training Development and Knowledge Management

Training, Learning and Knowledge Management are critical to efficiency, growth and success:

Training Development and Learning Strategies

The Corporate Training Model is Old School now. Instructors, delivering Power Points as nauseum, scheduling classes, and continuous upgrading of content have become a nightmare – and with today’s technology, totally UNNECESSARY!

The Field is out of touch, and the Corporate Ivory Tower is alive and well.

It is so broken! What you need is the MOST EXCITING TRAINING INNOVATION WE HAVE SEEN IN THE LAST 40 YEARS, It is called Social Learning and it:

• Takes knowledge to the Field
• Allows the Field to communicate directly to the Head Shed
• Build a Team mentality throughout your Organization, and
• Builds an LMS at a fraction of the costs ever seen before.

Your training will be LEARNER CENTRIC, and every Learner will see timely, relevant courseware that is INCOME-PRODUCING and … FUN!

Lee DuBois is a leader in Training Development and Knowledge Management and has extensive experience designing and implementing Training and Knowledge Management initiatives within organizations.

Here are a few of the capabilities we offer:

Change Management and Adoption Programs

In today's workplace, leaders managers and employees operate in a rapidly changing and fast past environment. It is imperative to assist them in understanding the critical value of the wealth of organizational knowledge they posses and how the organization can leverage that knowledge to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and results. We work with each leader and business line manager to assist them in the development of strategies targeted at their unique and specific challenges; then helping promote the adoption of a "knowledge sharing and management culture" within their line of business.

Training Development and Learning Strategies

A critical characteristic of successful organizations is a culture of continuous learning and talent development. In today's competitive environment it is crucial to understand that there are many development strategies and evolving technologies that can be leveraged to create this culture. We can provide assistance in helping you design, evaluate and implement these strategies.

Technology-enabled Learning and Development

Today's evolving and emerging technologies such as learning management systems, talent management systems, video sharing and social networking systems can be leveraged and implemented in the continuous learning and talent development process. We will help you define your needs and assist you in deciding which technology can enhance the readiness and success of your organization.

Subject Matter Experts

Our staff has a varied background in both the private and public sector. We have SME's that will provide valuable expertise in designing specific training programs and content for your business. Our SME's are focused in the areas of Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Technology, Doctrine, Policy, Business Process, Business Management, Generational and Diversity Training, Military Training Programs, Human Capital Management, Talent Development and Training Development.

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