"What Our Clients Are Saying"

"Very seldom have I seen a speaker receive a standing ovation before they uttered the first word of their message. Obviously, you have created a long and successful reputation with our people at Lanier." -- Technology Company

"We have trained well over a thousand of our sales representatives in 22 countries during that time. We dominate our worldwide marketplace...thanks to the indoctrination and continual training we give our people in Lee DuBois Sales Techniques. Our competition doesn't even come close. They can't figure it out. We keep Lee DuBois a closely guarded secret." -- Big Three Auto Company

"Giving proper credit for what your training has done...currently, Colonial is enjoying a 23% increase over last year's sales. Would you believe that we began the year (before the training) with -2%?" -- Employee Benefits Company

"As a 100-year-old company in an old, staid, conservative industry, we never dreamed that a simple sales training program could raise sales...by itself. But Lee DuBois did. We posted not just one, but back-to-back years when our rate of growth tripled over the previous 5 years." -- Manufacturing Company

"I value you and your course as well as the unquestioned impact the continuous use of the course (since 1979) has had on our track record. We have been #1 or #2 among all Blue Plans every year for the last 17 years." -- Health Care Company

"What Sales Managers Say"

"We increase Production by 98% with the same number of Agents. I use Lee DuBois as a recruiting tool, because young people these days want to know that they will not be left to make it or miss it on their own. In addition, "Let the Customer Buy" is a powerful tool to evaluate Agent performance...I should say their ability to perform." -- F.L. Disability Company

"When I arrived the first words I heard about ____ were: 'Get rid of her.' Within three months after the training, that individual became our #1 rep. Just this morning, she entered my office and proudly said, 'I have 13 appointments next week!'" -- M.H. HMN Health Care

"We constantly bang on our Agents to do two things: -Find somewhere to go, and -Have something to say. We were Agency of the Year in 1994 and 1995, and will have 4 Agents in the Top in 1996. All Agents must attend, 'Let the Customer Buy' twice a year." -- J.T. Financial Services

"The Lee DuBois training program not only builds confidence in our salespeople, it gives us an amazing edge on the competition because of the compassionate techniques towards the prospect. We need a track to run on -- this is it! Just what we were looking for. Fourteen years in the business and Steve has answered more concerns than all the rest put together. Simple, but concise! Thanks." -- S.B.

"Your customized approach to the recruiting process and the salesmanship process, creates a whole new, refreshing and thought provoking angle on recruiting. It was certainly the most powerful learning session that I have been a part of since entering college coaching." -- Gary Barnett, NCAA Coach of the Year, Northwestern University

"What Experienced Salespeople Say"

"I have taken many sales training courses. I feel they usually teach manipulative, trite techniques that don't reflect the way human beings interact in a sales situation. I loved this course. I felt I came away with exceptional ideas to help my practice in the areas I have problems. I feel I could increase my sales significantly if I were given the opportunity to take the course and attend continuing workshops." -- J.J.

"There's an old expression 'we enjoy what we do well, and we do well what we enjoy.' This expression holds true for you. You made it interesting, you kept it moving and most of all you gave us additional tools for survival. In today's world, it helps us to be well equipped. These two days for me have been the absolute best time I have ever invested in any seminar during my career. This brought so much into prospective for me and challenged many philosophies I had learned in previous selling seminars. The Lee DuBois concepts are far better than my previous skills training had afforded me." -- E.R.

"Finally a program that relates to addressing the real problems that salespeople have. It is intelligent and gives one a script that you can actually hear yourself say. it not only gives you the "how" of a selling approach, but is respectful enough to give the "why" it works. For the first time I am actually looking forward to studying in more depth a Sales-Training program and putting it into practice." -- J.S

"Without a doubt, this is the best sales training I've experienced in 13 years and with half a dozen companies. Most sales training emphasizes the presentation of 'Pitch & Power Closes' with little attention to Fact Finding. Top producers are Masters at Blueprinting -- getting to know the customer and their needs and wants." -- D.R.

"I am so excited to have been in this course! This was what I needed all along! I can't wait to apply these ideas to my selling skills! I believe all Agents should be exposed to this program. KCL should be commended for actually training Agents on 'how to sell.'" -- S. B.


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