We have never conducted public classes or rah-rah motivational seminars, so you may have never heard of Lee DuBois.

Here's a hint - Lee has trained more salespeople than ANY sales trainer in history – bar none.

What sets his programs apart is plain and simple – Content.

Have you ever gone to a rah-rah meeting or spent a few commission $$ on a motivational tape or a book? Good for you – it shows that you are committed to self-improvement! And that brings up a question – how good do you want to be?

Who We Are

We make world-class professional sales training an affordable reality-- no matter how many individuals you need to train or where they are located.

When you told us "Our Selling is Different!" we listened!

Our most exciting innovation is our new Online Sales Community, which is your opportunity to SHARE, INFORM, GRIPE OR ARGUE about those Obstacles, Opportunities (realized or missed), Issues, or Solutions that make today's sales world, the "Hard Knocks Café."

Each Community has its own Target Sales Group – Investments (stock brokers), Health Care (underwriters). Manufacturing (manufacturer reps, distributors), Recruiting (military and corporate), Professional Services (accountants, attorneys), Real Estate (commercial and residential), Financial Services (bankers, planners), Technology (software & hardware), and Small Business (home businesses to network sales).

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