Mr. Lee Dubois

Lee DuBois was a trainer of professional sales techniques for over 30 years. He has trained more salespeople, sales managers, and trainers in pure sales technique than any man in history!

In a wide range of industries, Lee is the author of three video courses on professional sale skills. In fact, his first course, the Lee DuBois Course in Professional Selling Techniques was the first video-based sales training program in the world 1972!

A Mechanical Engineering graduate of Kansas State University, Lee was a sales engineer for 12 years. Because of his analytical training, Lee sensed a need for precision in the science of selling and became involved in skills training with Dale Carnegie, where he was tutored by Percy Whiting, who is considered by many as the Father of Professional Sales Training. Percy's book, The Five Great Rules of Selling [1947], is the basis for many training systems in use today.

Lee went on to partner with William Gayle, one of America's great motivators and sales instructors, who was also a cartoonist. His brilliance visual portrayals of the key activities in the sales process stand today as the best mnemonics every constructed. You must see them to appreciate their creativity and their profound ability to make sales training more memorable, less boring, and more fun!

Lee DuBois Technologies [Lee is still Chairman Emeritus at 85 years young] has been training salespeople "How to Sell" for over 45 years. Regardless of your industry or your type of customer, our programs are designed to do one thing increase your sales!

Historically, we built Business-to-Business sales training, and the world's largest sales forces believe that we are "Best of Class." Organizations like Dean Witter, AOL Time Warner, Samsung, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Prudential, Unisys, Harris Lanier, and the United States Army Recruiting Command have chosen Lee DuBois products as their Preferred Provider for maximizing sales performance.

Our philosophy is that management platitudes do little good for sales production. What salespeople want is: What to say, when to say it, and how to say it; What to ask, when to ask it, and how to ask it. That means that our graduates know how to handle EVERY objection they face, are never high pressure, and make it easy for their customers to buy from them. Selling becomes natural, not forced.

What sets our programs apart is plain and simple Content. Each session is packed with techniques and strategies that increase sales. And repeat sessions bring even more increases in sales; it's what we call the "Magic of the Course." Graduates move from a "What We Have" mentality to a "What We Can Do For You" customer focus a key mentality that drives your sales force to:

"Think of your customer - first, last and always." --Lee Dubois

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