We have never conducted public classes or rah-rah motivational seminars, so you may have never heard of Lee DuBois.

Here's a hint - Lee has trained more salespeople than ANY sales trainer in history – bar none.

What sets his programs apart is plain and simple – Content.

Have you ever gone to a rah-rah meeting or spent a few commission $$ on a motivational tape or a book? Good for you – it shows that you are committed to self-improvement! And that brings up a question – how good do you want to be?
Who We Are

We make world-class professional sales training an affordable reality-- no matter how many individuals you need to train or where they are located.

When you told us "Our Selling is Different!" we listened!

Our most exciting innovation is our new Online Sales Community, which is your opportunity to SHARE, INFORM, GRIPE OR ARGUE about those Obstacles, Opportunities (realized or missed), Issues, or Solutions that make today's sales world, the "Hard Knocks Café."

Each Community has its own Target Sales Group – Investments (stock brokers), Health Care (underwriters). Manufacturing (manufacturer reps, distributors), Recruiting (military and corporate), Professional Services (accountants, attorneys), Real Estate (commercial and residential), Financial Services (bankers, planners), Technology (software & hardware), and Small Business (home businesses to network sales)

LD 150 “Let the Customer Buy” DVD Library - MODERN
Built and refined from the most widely-used video-based sales training ever, this system can be the foundation for any successful sales organization. Over the last 20 years, average sales increases for graduates are over 37 % !
8+ hours of powerful sales training in a video classroom.
LD 151
“Lee DuBois Course In Professional Selling" CLASSIC

Once upon a time, the only way you could learn to sell was to read a Book. Then along came Lee DuBois and a brand-new technology. It was videocassette and it enabled to watch a sales class over and over! Somehow, we never tired of it. Many called it: “The Magic Of the Course. And the way it increased sales, maybe we were right!
17 sessions of ground-breaking training -- over 8 + hours
LD 152
“Let the Customer Buy” Personal Productivity System

This is the “Best Professional” product! 24/7, you can have a complete
sales training system. Continuously improve your skills and performance!
8+ hours of DVD training + 250-page Review & Exercises Guide
LD 170
Let the Customer Buy” Audio CD Library

The 4-CD-Audio program is integrated is a total self-paced learning tool for
Any person who wants to be a sales success.
8 hours of sales technique training – sharpen your skills … anytime!.
LD 190
The Total Prospecting System - “Prospect or Perish – Make Every Sales Second Count”

Prospecting for new business has always been our number one sales challenge. Finally, there is a comprehensive system that addresses EVERY prospecting task. Buy this and “it will pay for itself 1,000 times over.”
A how-to book, plus a CD that illustrates every vital lead generation process.
LD 200
Millennial Depression Interactive Sales Training

Selling Financial Products during a Millennial Depression is the result of years of development that gives the financial salesperson the opportunity to learn “What Works” and to fix “What is Wrong.” We have done this by providing the Adult learner with video vignettes that are clever, entertaining,and enlightening.
In these tough times, you can learn how to cope with Risks, Uncertainty,
Volatility, the Information Overload, and Inconsistency.
5+ hours of state-of-the-art interactive sales training.
LD 250
A Book - Build Your Talent AND Your Employment
"Don't Sell Yourself Short - Be All That You Can Be”

Our experience is that most employees sell themselves short! Their mantra is:
“I can’t do this!”
And whether “this” is starting your own business, putting your life back together, or just being a better employee, STOP THIS DAMAGING SELF TALK NOW! You are making your path to success rocky and inaccessible. Don’t be discouraged! To be a Best Professional, you are not required to “go the extra mile.” All you need to do is go the “extra inch.”
This book will get you there.
LD 260
A Book by the Sales Tutor, Steve Carroll “Prospect or Perish – Make Every Sales Second Count”

Prospecting for new business has always been our number one sales challenge. Finally, there is a comprehensive book that addresses EVERY prospecting task. Learn the book and you’ll possess all of the tools that make you money.
A how-to book for the small business owner and the salesperson/entrepreneur

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