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Steve Caroll, CEO

Lee DuBois CEO, Steven Carroll, is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer who assumed the presidency of our organization in 1993 from the founder following a very successful and distinguished career with Arthur Andersen, Unisys, and Hillenbrand Industries. Mr. Carroll is a professional trainer and has taught several thousand employees how to be the "CEO of themselves"; teaching them that they are the most important client they serve and showing them how helping themselves ultimately contributes to the success of the organization they work for. After all, the most valuable resource a person has is one's self, and we teach them how to best utilize their most valuable resource.

Since Mr. Carroll assumed the presidency of our organization, we have evolved from a traditional platform and workbook sales training organization to an organization that produces multifaceted solutions for our clients. From traditional platform and workbook training, to CD and DVD-based training modules as well as online content, we are capable of developing customized solutions to any of our clients' needs. We offer a variety of assessment tools that can be tailored to the unique needs of any organization regardless of size, industry or locations.

Jim Gill, COO

Jim Gill has more than twenty-five years of experience in results-oriented environments, thoroughly demonstrated at critical management positions in highly competitive, diverse organizations. Jim has varied experience as an Executive, Entrepreneur, Director of Government Programs for a Silicon Valley software company, Venture Capitalist, Human Capital and Learning Consultant to major Government Agencies and as an experienced US Army Senior NCO and Combat Veteran. Jim has led complex organizations in both the private and public sectors. He is a recognized thought leader in Human Capital Management Solutions within the public sector. He is a contributing author to Chief Learning Officer magazine and has been interviewed by Military Training Technology, the Denver Post, ASTD Magazine, and Federal Computer Weekly. Jim is an active angel investor and advisor to several technology and internet companies, including Viddler and Zoodango.

Kelly Hermening, Business Development

Our Contract Manager, Mr. Kelly Hermening, is another retired Army veteran with over 17 years of recruiting experience who also brings an impressive resume to our team. Mr. Hermening has received multiple awards recognizing Best Practices in the field of Distance Education as well as Best Practices for Military/Corporate collaborations resulting from his efforts developing educational programs for the military at his local college's Military Education Institute. Mr. Hermening is an experienced contract manager who understands the unique nature of government contracting and brings tremendous value to this organization. He is an experienced technical writer and worked most recently on the development of recruiting doctrine that required the use of surveys and sampling of attitudes toward the Army and military service among recruiters, Gen X/Y, young adults, educators and other influencers. This information was then analyzed and developed into recruiting doctrine and used to develop training videos for use in training new recruiters as well as every recruiter in the Army Recruiting Command 8,000 strong.

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