Review & Exercise Guides

RG 300
“Let the Customer Buy” Sales Training
This Guide is the perfect complement to the Video Library. It is pure technique training, and there are 180 pages of exercises, templates, and summaries of the videotape sessions. You will learn the basics of the sales process, and what it takes to be a professional.
About 600,000 graduates say that this is the “best ever!”
RG 310
Top Line” Agent Sales Training
This is the first Revision of our proven Agent Training System since 1985. It is a complete sales training system from “A” to “Z” that takes you to the next level.
“It is undoubtedly the backbone of the Nationwide Selling System.”
Carl Dipman, Performance Consultant, Nationwide

RG 320
Advanced Sales for Insurance Agents “Contingency Selling”
Written for those Financial Counselors that feel that the lack of Trust, Uncertainty, and new Risks have made selling tougher. This 250-page Review Guide is built for the experienced Agent who has “been there.”
“Not to be missed.”
Robert Kievet, VP, Guardian Life
The best program for handling objections and closing sales . . . ever !”
Paul Shevlin, Insurance Hall of Fame

RG 330
Sales Training for Manufacturer Representatives
Do you want to open that Large Focus Account and protect your Customers from nosy Competitors? Take this training . . .filling out your Call Activity Report will be a pleasure, and your Annual Production will be a quota-busting experience.
Learn how to sell your value, even when you don’t have the lowest price.
RG 340
Retail Selling System for the Small Business Owner
Retail salespeople will take a giant step ahead of being “floor walkers” and“order takers” with this wealth of sales-producing ideas. Do you honestly believe that “How may I help you?” makes you a salesperson? Get with it!
An idea-packed workbook that turns “Walk Ins” into sales – big sales!
RG 350
How to Sell Your Legal Services
The legal profession has never used the word “sell” when referring to ways to build their practice. But they do sell. This program makes even the most sales-reluctant attorney a successful “rainmaker.”
Rainmaking makes a practice grow! Here’s how to do it professionally.

RG 360
“Gaining Quality Recommendations … the End of Cold Calling”
Direct mail and telemarketing get most of the publicity, but Top Salespeople depend on referrals for lead generation. Top Performers have the ability to upgrade referrals into Quality Recommendations, turning "cold calls" into "hot knocks" — a positive change for the New Economy. This strategy requires creativity and extra effort but the potential rewards are great. This People chain could be your Best Solution to most Salespeople's #1 Problem—Prospecting!
Sales is a people business!
RG 400
Customer Service
Customer Service is at an all-time low. We just want to talk to a person, not a machine for an endless maze of menus! Once they’re on the phone or we meet the customer face-to-face, we must perform! Here’s how.
The best way to describe this program is that we will “Fix What is Wrong.”

RG 401
Supporting the Selling Effort

Sales support staff either receive Customer Service training [lessons in manners, not sales training] or nothing at all. This is designed to increase the sales support person’s ability to cross-sell or up-sell current customers. Every graduate adds another productive salesperson to your sales force.
Workbook includes hundreds of customer service and sales ideas.
Call Center
Telemarketers are almost a thing of the past. And no wonder! Their voice quality is uninteresting, unenthusiastic, and often delivered with a “I hate this job!” inflection. No more! In this program, we provide you and your people with Best of Class sales and service skills. EVERY customer interaction becomes a Business Builder!
250 + pages of “meat!”

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