Pay it Forward

Now Lee's company is giving you the opportunity to pass it on to your sons, daughters, or any friend or associate who wants to be a Sales Professional. And if your friends have the entrepreneurial fever, use Lee DuBois to jumpstart their business and their revenue stream.

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Lee DuBois is truly excited about bringing you, our Alumni, together through the miracle of Social Media.

Each of you will have the opportunity to connect with each other, through:

1.One of our major client organizations. Companies like:

      ·Blue Cross/Blue Shield

      ·AOL Time Warner Cable, and dozens of others.

2.Intelligent discussions on sales, marketing, and F2F communications

3.Webinars, replete with interactivity, knowledge sharing, and tips.

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Check "Like" on our Facebook page and watch for classic Lee DuBois videos, new sales strategies for Tough Buyers in this challenging Economy, and tips.

Check out our Linkedin group. Comment on others or just re-live our Classic sales training.

Lee called it "The Magic of the Course." Whenever we took the training, we learned something new each time!

Alumni, Graduates, Believers all are names that we have attached to your learning community. Here are some of the Discussion Groups that we will use to connect you, you, and you.

The Universe of Lee DuBois Training

"Graduates of the Course" Communities

Former Employees of Burroughs/Unisys

Graraduates of Lee DuBois Training in the 70's and 80's
Met Life
Holiday Inn
Harris Lanier
Jefferson Pilot Lincoln National
Bear Stearns
Colonial Insurance
Guardian Life
John Hancock
Kansas City Life
New York Life
Minnesota Mutual
Phoenix Home Life
National Life of Vermont
Time Warner Cable
U. S. National Guard Recruiting
U. S. Army Recruiting
U. S. Navy Recruiting
U. S. Army Reserve Recruiting
U. S. Naval Reserve Recruiting
Chrysler Overseas Military Sales
Trinity Industries
Danly Die Set
Contech Construction Products
Independent Order of Foresters
University of Alabama
New England
Bankers Life and Casualty
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Dean Witter
University of Kentucky

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