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This is not motivation or rah-rah! We teach you "how to sell."

What sets us apart is our "Believers," and there are almost a million of'em. They sincerely believe that we are Best of Class. Our own CEO, Steve Carroll, is a graduate and believed in Lee so much he bought the company!

Our social network is chocked with top performers. You'll be talking to them, sharing ideas with them, and following them on Twitter. They will maximize every Webinar experience, because they KNOW What Works!


Classic Lee DuBois -1972

We call it the Classic. Like Classical music, this is Music to a salesperson's Ears!

Did you think that Lee DuBois had ever gone away? That the rules of selling have somehow changed, just because times are tough? That today's Buyer wouldn't respond to professional salesmanship?

Did you ever wonder why Lee's training has stuck with you for all these years? Uncover and Recover what Lee called the "Magic of the Course."

Modern Lee DuBois

We knew that there would come a time when the most widely used program in the entire sales world would need to be updated. As we approached 2000, it was time and this is the result.

When is the time right for you to experience this upgrade?

When your telephone script feels stale, your product presentations sound redundant, or you're just getting too many objections, especially price!

We proudly present "Let the Customer Buy."

What We Do

"Your sales growth forecasts our future."

We teach you "What to say, when to say it, and how to say it what to ask, when to ask it, and how to ask it."

Does it work?

Absolutely! Our graduates know how to handle EVERY objection they face, are never high pressure, and make it easy for their customers to buy from them.

Selling becomes natural, not forced. It even becomes FUN !

 Productivity  Professional  Universal
We'll increase your activity and Productivity! We'll increase your professionalism! Our training is universal! For EVERY line of business!  

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